COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

Kabul and Herat

March 2020 - in response to the global emergency caused by the COVID-19 disease, Action for Development has launched an emergency appeal to raise funds in order to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 in Afghanistan. AfD has established a connection with a network of about 80 volunteers across the country (including nurses, school teachers, school graduates and university students, community leaders, etc.) that are going to support AfD in raising awareness among the population on the virus and how to prevent infection, particularly through hygiene and self-isolation measures.

We have already printed and distributed about 500 flyers via a network of youth groups and religious leaders in the Provinces of Kapisa and Parwan. Depending on funding, the emergency appeal will contribute to: raising awareness on preventive measures, train medical staff on prevention and treatment of COVID-19, distribution of personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and soap), covering the most-populated Provinces of the country, Kabul and Herat.

To donate to the emergency appeal please click on this link:

Mobile Health Service


As a result of the ongoing violence in Afghanistan, families were forced to flee their homes and settling into displacement camps in and around Kabul. Most of them live in poverty and lack access to basic needs to survive the cold winter months.
In January 2018, AfD’s mobile health team from the Comprehensive Health Center visited an IDP camp in Kabul. They provided basic health check-ups to around 40 families and distributed medicine as needed. Many of the patients visited were suffering from respiratory diseases. Individuals suffering from serious conditions were referred to hospitals and other health facilities for proper treatment. The majority of these cases were children suffering from severe malnutrition and pregnant women in need of antenatal care.

Water Aid

Argo, Badakshan

Badakhshan is located in the North of Afghanistan. Prone to frequent landslides, it is one of the world’s poorest regions. In May 2014, a landslide in the Argo district caused by heavy rain resulted in 2500 people killed, severely hurt or reported missing. About 1000 families were affected, livelihoods destroyed, lack of access to drinking water increased the risk of diseases.
AfD provided access to drinking water with gravity water filters to the internally displaced population of the Argo district. In part together with Afghanaid, a total of 747 people benefitted from the project, including 475 children under the age of 15.

Winterization Aid

Jurm, Badkashan

Badkashan is not only prone to natural disasters but also to extremely cold winters characterized by low temperatures and heavy snowfall. In collaboration with Afghanaid, AfD provided life-saving winterization aid to 96 households in March 2016. Each household was provided with multipurpose heaters and wood, which helped many families survive the region’s harsh winter. In particular, each household received 210kg of wood and one locally produced multipurpose heater, which served for heating houses, cooking and boiling water throughout the winter. In line with our vision of empowerment, all heaters were locally manufactured to provide work opportunities to the local population. Approximately 700 people benefited from the distribution.