Rahyab School For Children With Disabilities

Afghan children face hardship on many levels, but disabled children are confronted with additional barriers, such as social stigma as well as isolation from the community.

Staff Member From Geneva Visits
The Kart-E-Char School

During a recent visit to Kabul, AfD’s team member observed positive transformations in the Kart-e-Char school, with well-organized facilities and vibrant classrooms. The introduction of a football program, led by Coach Mustafa Sakhizada, has not only increased physical activity but also fostered teamwork and collaboration among students. Despite challenges like electricity shortages, AfD remains dedicated to advancing education for street-working children in Afghanistan. To read more about this experience, click on the image bellow.

School For Street Working Children

About 60,000 children in Kabul engage in street work due to socioeconomic challenges, lacking access to formal education. AfD’s “School for street-working children” project, initiated in 2016, has since enrolled 206 children, including 84 girls, providing basic education and daily meals. Additionally, a sports program, launched in 2018 through a partnership with the UEFA Foundation for Children, aims to raise awareness about the benefits of regular physical activity, with 86 boys and 18 girls participating. Read more by clicking on the image above.