Action for Development's Research and Evaluation

Here is a showcase of some quality research and evaluation of the projects funded by our generous donors. Through these projects, we can make informed decisions about policies, the programs themselves, and the allocation of our resources. As a board, we provide analytical research on the effectiveness and impact of our projects, determining whether our aims are being reached and gaining an understanding of the factors that contribute to the success and challenges of our development work. By understanding what works and what doesn’t, our practitioners can adapt and improve strategies, ensuring our projects become more efficient and effective over time. Overall, the evaluation of these research articles helps us be transparent with both our donors and the general public about projects that aim to foster resilience in adversity.

Evaluation Purposes

Midwifery Training Research (April 2023)

Breastfeeding in Kabul, Afghanistan Needs Assessment (September, 2022)

The research summary focuses on the needs assessment findings from local midwives in Kabul and Bamyan provinces, Afghanistan. It aims to share insights into midwifery experiences, training needs, and maternal standards of care. The feedback from midwives serves to enhance the AfD midwifery program and advocate for more support and funding for maternal needs in Afghanistan.

The research summary delves into the outcomes of a comprehensive needs assessment conducted among mothers in Kabul, Afghanistan. It seeks to shed light on the intricacies of breastfeeding practices, challenges faced by mothers, and the support systems in place. By presenting these insights, the intention is to refine breastfeeding programs, address identified hurdles, and underscore the importance of increased support and resources to bolster maternal and child well-being in Afghanistan.