Global Giving Grant Award to AfD’s Afghanistan Earthquake Project

On October 7th 2023, the Herat province was hit by four large earthquakes measuring at a 6.3 magnitude. During the following two weeks, multiple aftershocks of the earthquakes were felt, leaving thousands of people homeless and 21,500 homes destroyed (as confirmed by OCHA). Besides the 154,000 people impacted, thousands of casualties were also confirmed. Images showed massive heaps of debris after buildings collapsed.

It is crucial to provide immediate support to those affected, by providing medical and hygiene kits, food, and emergency healthcare. Shelter is also a challenge, due to the severe winter conditions felt in Afghanistan, which make it difficult for temporary shelter to hold on.

In response to this urgent need, Global Giving generously contributed 15,115 USD, enabling Action for Development to extend assistance to the affected Afghans. This support was channeled in the form of checks, enabling recipients to secure accommodations in the city throughout the winter, given the limited viability of winterized shelters.