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First Meeting of the SUN movement held in Kabul

Kabul, 12 February 2020

Action for Development (AfD) and the Afghanistan Human Rights Organization (AHRO) held the first round-table meeting as part of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement Pooled Fund Project. The SUN Movement, Afghanistan Civil Society Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition (ACSA-FSN), and World Health Assembly (WHA) nutrition targets for 2025 were the topic of discussion at the round table.

 WHA nutrition includes two targets. Target one includes a 40% reduction in the number of children <5 who are stunted. Target two includes a 50% reduction in anemia in women of reproductive age by 2025. These two targets were selected as the 2020 priority topics for ACSA-FN and were discussed thoroughly during the roundtable meeting.

 The Coordinator of the Secretariat for Afghanistan’s Food Security and Nutrition Agenda, the Public Nutrition Director of the Ministry of Public Health, the ACSA-FSN Chair and Co-chair, Afd’s country representative, Khushal Nabizada, and representatives from 30 ACSA-FSN member organizations were present at the meeting.

 This event was the first round-table meeting within the SUN Movement to be held in Afghanistan; a series of round-table meetings are envisaged to take place in Kabul and four other provinces across the country during 2020.


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