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Children at AfD’s schools receive winter clothing!

Kabul, January 2020

As part of the Winterization campaign that AfD launched in November 2019, children attending our 3 centres in Kabul benefitted from the distribution of winter clothing.

The Winterization campaign, running from November 2019 to January 2020, aimed at providing wool, coal and heaters to marginalized families, in order to withstand the harsh temperatures of the Afghan winter.

Action for Development also provided winter clothing to about 200 children attending our schools in Kabul; the schools are part of the “School for street-working children” project, which provides education to marginalized children residing in Kabul, often forced to be working on the street in order to support their families and therefore not enrolled in the public education system.

The schools are open daily with classes being held in the morning and in the afternoon; children learn basic numeracy and literacy skills, have access to books and stationary material, have the chance to practice sports. In addition, all children attending our schools are served a meal at the end of their classes.

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