Why is the Winterization project vital for young afghans ?

In the heart of Winter, Afghanistan is facing the cold again. Since Afghanistan is extremely mountainous (with its highest mountain the Noshaq reaching 7’492 meters!) the country mourns each year many victims because of freezing temperatures and avalanches.

In February 2017, about 100 people lost their lives buried in the snow as avalanches raged after heavy snowfall in northeastern Afghanistan. Entire villages have been swallowed up.

The events of the last years make the populations even more fragile. Refugee camps are rudimentary, there are no isolation to maintain the heat. In December 2012, out of 40 children who died because of cold weather, more than half were in refugee camps.

You should know that in January, temperatures can reach -7 °C in Kabul, the Afghan capital is at 1,800m above sea level. The population, and especially children, are not sufficiently equipped to brave the cold under conditions of civil instability. In 2016, AfD worked with Afghanaid to provide wood and heaters to many families in the Badkashan region, changing the fate of hundreds of people. This year, AfD would like to renew the experience by sending warm clothes and other winter goods to the Afghan people. We are always looking for partners that can subsidize our shipments.

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