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Nutrition Can’t Wait: Asia Coordination Group Launch Advocacy Campaign


By: Irshad Danish, Nutrition International and Alison Farnham MA, MMedSci, Action for Development

The COVID-19 pandemic is a health and human crisis threatening the food security and nutrition of millions of people around the world. Low and lower middle-income countries are more affected. Their existing poor development indicators and fragile health and food systems are likely to increase a population’s vulnerability to adverse COVID-19 outcomes. It is evident that limited nutritional and health services due to lockdowns, and strained health systems, will increase morbidity and mortality.  Similarly, insufficient livelihood opportunities and weak food systems will undermine access to nutritious, safe and affordable foods.

The SUN Civil Society Asia Coordination Group (ACG) is a group of 13 Civil Society Alliances (CSAs), established on January 13, 2017, to enable continued collaboration among CSAs in the Asia Region for effective implementation of national nutrition plans through information sharing, knowledge exchange and implementation of joint advocacy opportunities. Current ACG members include Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Laos, Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam.

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