International Day For Street Children – The reopening of the education centers

Feb 2021

Action for Development (AfD) supports International Street Children Day, which was held this Sunday, January 31, 2021. Launched for the first time in 2011, the International Day for Street Children aims at raising awareness about the issue of child labour around the world.

An estimated 60,000 children residing in Kabul are engaged in child labour (UNICEF). These children often work on the streets and in small car service workshops at very low wage but with low safety and high vulnerability to different types of exploitation and abuse, deprived of professional education opportunities. 

In 2016, AfD introduced the “School for street-working children” project to give marginalized children in Kabul the possibility to attend semi-formal education classes.

However, because of the pandemic crisis, the 3 education centers had to close for sanitary reasons but we are glad to announce that our schools have reopened and that students have returned to class.

AfD has partnered with the Global Giving Platform to raise funds for our school program and for an emergency appeal in response to the current health crisis. With your support we can continue providing a safe environment for children in Kabul.

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