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AfD re-opens school for street-working children in Kabul

An estimated 60,000 children residing in Kabul are engaged in child labour (UNICEF). Exposed to poverty and abuse, forced to work on the streets in order to provide for their families, a high number of children do not attend school, particularly girls. AfD’s schools provide marginalized boys and girls in Kabul with the possibility to attend an inclusive semi-formal school where they can learn basic literacy and numeracy skills together with drawing, practical and technical knowledge.

AfD provides flexible schooling, aimed at: developing basic literacy and numeracy skills, providing daily meals and access to basic healthcare.  The school’s sports program gives the chance to girls to practise with an all-female football team. Our strategy also includes hiring female staff (all teachers of our schools are female), providing qualified training and promoting girls education among the local community.

Children attending the program gain the necessary skills to help them and their families leave the cycle of poverty; at the same time they have the chance of accessing formal education and re-integrate into society. Educated girls improve their lives and their communities, advancing women’s integration in the workforce and gender equality.

Due to the closure of schools, imposed by the authorities during the COVID-19 lockdown, AfD’s school was closed from March to June 2020. One location was re-opened on Saturday 11 July; students were welcomed by the teachers, provided masks, disinfectant for their hands, distance in the classrooms guaranteed and guidelines well displayed.

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