3rd Anniversary of the National Food Security Agenda

The third anniversary of the National Food Security Agenda was celebrated at Marble Palace, on the 5th of November in Kabul.

The Nutrition Food Security Agenda was endorsed by governmental officials and the Ministry of Health. The agenda highlights the broad framework and support of the government and its partners towards achieving the objectives of the Governmental Nutrition Strategy.

We hope that the strategic partners and the government stand together towards fighting hunger and malnutrition in Afghanistan, particularly after the severe impacts of protracted conflict and Covid19.

Afghanistan has achieved considerable progress in tackling malnutrition in the past decades, but still has high rates of undernutrition, particularly among children under five and women of reproductive age. Afghanistan Food Security and Nutrition Agenda is a clear example of political will and that Afghan Government is committed to improve the food security and nutrition situation in Afghanistan by improving availability and access to nutritious food around the year. The AFSeN-A aims that no afghan suffers from hunger and is well nourished all the time.

The Afghanistan Food Security and Nutrition Public Awareness and Advocacy Framework and Plan 2018-2023 was developed during a consultative workshop convened by the Afghanistan Food Security and Nutrition (AFSeN-A) Technical Secretariat and facilitated by the USAID/Afghanistan-funded Initiative for Hygiene, Sanitation and Nutrition Project (IHSAN), managed by FHI 360.

To read the full document: https://scalingupnutrition.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/AFSeN-A-Food-Security-and-Nutrtion-Public-Awareness-and-Advocacy-Plan.pdf

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