GlobalGiving’s Donation to AfD’s Afghanistan Earthquake Project

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On October 7th 2023, the Herat province was hit by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. During the following two weeks, multiple earthquakes were felt, leaving thousands of people homeless and 21,500 homes destroyed (as confirmed by OCHA). Besides the 154,000 people impacted, thousands of casualties were also confirmed. Images showed massive heaps of debris after buildings collapsed.

It is crucial to provide immediate support to those affected, by providing medical and hygiene kits, food, and emergency healthcare. Shelter is also a challenge, due to the severe winter conditions felt in Afghanistan, which make it difficult for temporary shelter to hold on.

Thanks to Global Giving’s donation of 15, 115 USD, Action for Development was able to provide help to Afghans by giving money to the population in form of checks, so they can use it to rent a room in the city for the duration of winter, since the shelters aren’t so viable.